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Our policy is to create an experience where our clients are given the platform to construct a production they are proud of. We believe that having the right team around you is essential, and by utilising our extensive network of freelancers, distributors and creative minds, we have the ability to design, build and execute all types of events. We are here to facilitate you – we will initiate the best professionals for your project and we will always advocate for exceptional productions.

We are not the standard

Founded by Callum Yates and Jake Mazzuca after years of working together in the events industry, Advocate AV is built on the shared idea that each event is unique and that these once in a lifetime experiences should be given the care and attention they deserve. We offer tour management and production management with inclusion and collaboration at the heart of what we aim to achieve – utilising the creative ideas of everyone involved to realise visions and deliver a production worth celebrating.

Throughout our time working with artists, record labels and managers, we have relentlessly pushed to get the maximum out of each production we work on. By offering you a team of industry specialists that also share the Advocate ethos: “to be the very best in every department of a touring or standalone production”, we have enabled the artists that we work with to develop their live show and stand out way above the rest. From the first steps of budgets and building the show design, to loading the last flight case on the truck; we are with you every step of the way.


Touring Roster


Having worked with a wide range of clients from all around the world, we have the ability to deliver a multitude of events. Whether it’s a panel talk to a small room, a wedding band to a hall of guests or a large awards ceremony – with our experience and network of professionals, we can provide audio visual solutions to suit any need.


Our large inventory of equipment is ready to hire. Contact us today with your requirements and information about your event. We can do the rest.



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